Quantum Agriculture Courses with Hugh Lovel in Norway, February 2020

  • 2 February – free webinar (Zoom)
  • 15-16 February – SJH, Aurland, Norway (intro course for farmers and students)
  • 18-21 February – Fokhol, Stange, Norway (European advanced course)

Learn how agriculture works in harmony with nature and how to improve yields, eliminate weeds and pests and improve crop responses to weather while harvesting both carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the atmosphere and building these into the humus in our soils. 

Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird.

Hugh Lovel and his wife Shabari Bird consult farmers in Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa. The currently reside on their homestead in Blairsville, Georgia, USA, where they offer courses and webinars. He is the author of many articles on fertility management and crop nutrition as well as topics concerning radionics and biodynamics.

Hugh built upon his education in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and psychology to formulate his concepts and developments during more than 30 years of farming, first in the mountains of northern Georgia, USA, and in Australia. He is the author of the classic book A Biodynamic Farm and is a frequent contributor to Acres U.S.A. and other magazines, as well as the new book Quantum Agriculture — Biodynamics and Beyond.

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Benefits of the courses:
    • Improve your observation.
    • Expand your world view.
    • Turn experience into insight.
    • Deepen understanding of Hugh Lovel’s Natural Biochemical Sequence
    • Economically self-regenerate soils.
    • Understand how plants and soil thrive.
    • Produce abundant trouble free crops.
    • Use tests to educate your eye.
    • Find causes rather than treat symptoms.
    • Design crop systems that contribute to natural bounty.
    • What is Biodynamic Farming?
    • What is Dowsing? Radionics? What is Homeopathy for the Soil?
    • Lively Evening Discussions
    • Meet new friends and join our Quantum Agriculture Global Community

Free Quantum Agriculture Interactive Webinar, 2 February 2020

You will meet and interact with Hugh Lovel in person online. The webinar is offered for free to everyone interested.

Time: Feb 2, 2020 18:00 (GMT+1 – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany)

2 Day Course, Denmark: 12-13 February 2020 (Cancelled)

Information: erikfrydenlund@gmail.com

2 Day Intro Course for Farmers and Students, Norway, 15-16 February 2020

  • Day 1: What Makes A Farm Whole/Building the Soil Food Web. Interpreting Soil Needs. The Biochemical Sequence. The Humus Flywheel. How Plants
  • Day 2: Introduction to Holistic Thinking. Farming Soil and Atmosphere. Understanding the Interplay of C, O, H, N, S and Soil Minerals. Composting and Manure Management.

Both days we start at 09:00 and end around 16:00-17:00. Saturday night there will be an evening discussion with Hugh Lovel.

Venue: Sogn jord- og hagebruksskule, Skulevegen 24, 5745 Aurland, Norway. https://goo.gl/maps/d3n1BCh5vv2o2K54A
Course fee: 5.000 NOK (ordinary); 500 NOK (student). Two lunches included.
Registration and information: vibhoda@vitalanalyse.no (deadline 10 February)
Accommodation can be booked separately.

4 Day European Advanced Course, Norway, 18-21 February 2020

  • Day 1: Scientific Foundations–Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge (as an Approach to Phenomena in Agriculture – Connecting the Dots). Soil Mechanics–Interpreting Soil Health and Needs. The Biochemical Sequence. The Humus Flywheel. Building the Soil Food Web and How Plants
  • Day 2: The Earth through the Cycle of the Year. The Importance of Winter for the Soil Fertility. Biodynamics and Composting. The Biodynamic Preparations and their Use.
  • Day 3: Nutritive Quality from the Viewpoint of Minerals, Ethers (Life Forces), Astrality (Expression) and Ego (Consciousness). What is Mechanical Occultism? (What We Look for is What We Find).
  • Day 4: Biodynamics and Beyond. Introduction to Dowsing. Homeopathy and Radionics (Quantum Agriculture). A Biodynamic Approach to Problem Solving.

We start at 09:00 on Tuesday 18 February and end around 16:00-17:00. At night there will be evening discussions with Hugh Lovel.

Venue: Fokhol gård, Fokholgutua 216, 2335 Stange, Norway – www.fokhol.no. https://goo.gl/maps/r2mA2n22kexDGHpg7
Course fee: 1.000 € (10.000 NOK) per person. Three meals a day included.
Registration and information: vibhoda@vitalanalyse.no (deadline 10 February)
Accommodation can be booked and arranged at Fokhol.


VitalAnalyse, Martin Beck and Erik Frydenlund in cooperation with Quantum Agriculture.


“Beware you faint hearted and conventional thinkers. Hugh Lovel brings biodynamics to a place of practical application, which challenges the very essence of status quo paradigms. Now I have a clear, practical guide to hand anyone who asks “What is Biodynamics?”. Thank you Hugh.”
– Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms

Biochemical Sequence of Plant Nutrition
Biochemical Sequence of Plant Nutrition.

Words by Hugh Lovel about the courses – December 2019

It is a natural progression to go from using the Biochemical Sequence to understand the priorities of interpreting soil tests and prescribing amendments to feed to the humus flywheel’s custodian, the soil food web, which provides ground zero for how plants grow.

We want to take this beyond paint-by-numbers biodynamics, aiming more toward Rembrant and van Gogh. This will require telling the story from the Goethean world-view rather than the more customary and familiar Kantian paradigm. Here’s the point. What we are dealing with here is LIFE, and the Kantian Epistemology doesn’t include LIFE, while the Goethean Epistemology does. Our farms and environments are dying and are deficient in LIFE. What is missing is LIFE, but it’s not exactly something you can just order from the LIFE merchants and pay a monthly bill for. Here we have to learn a new vocabulary to see our circumstance from a new perspective.

The second day follows with the processes–what goes on–in the soil and in the atmosphere. Soil and atmospheric processes are quite different from each other, though they are ever so complementary. They are so rarely explored they are almost occult knowledge, though nothing in nature is hidden. Nature is an open book if only we knew how to read it. Silica works by day, lime works at night. Carbon is drawn into the plant from the atmosphere by day, nitrogen is drawn into the soil biology through the soil by night. Water and clay facilitate and moderate the interaction of these processes, and the more dynamically they interact the better the system works. Alas, there are cycles within cycles. There are corresponding cycles such as daily cycles, monthly cycles and annual cycles. Keep in mind that the context provides the energy of organization for LIFE at boundaries. As we recycle biomass, manures, soils, minerals and other raw materials as compost, how do we enliven it? This is material that has lost its organization or fallen out of balance and needs to be re-organized–stuff like mouldy hay, ditch spoils, manures, wood wastes and ruined silage. Typically these materials are so out of whack they need to be re-organized into a premium food for the soil food web before they are returned to the field. Understanding how to do this skillfully leads to day three.

With day three, we take off into quantum physics where what you look for is what you find. This is where the presence of the observer and his or her measuring instruments is a determining factor in the field of investigation. The observer and the phenomenon are inseparably linked. Concepts precede perceptions, and answers inspire questions, cognitive dissonance notwithstanding. Dowsing taps into the intuition. Radionics makes use of quantum non-locality and entanglement and here we have the tools for playing with nature and the crops we grow in a well-intended way–artistry in agriculture.

Hugh Lovel, December 2019

Some articles by Hugh Lovel

Humus Flywheel Effect  – Humus er som et svinghjul (på norsk)

The Great Secret of Legumes is that They Carry Oxygen to Their Root TipsBelgvekstenes store hemmelighet er at de fører oksygen til rotspissene (på norsk)